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  Current Projects
The development strategy of CHASS is to encourage collegial research teams capable of integration to apply to CHASS for program projects. Such projects are required to make efficient use of NCKU’s research resources, and be intimately related to southern Taiwanese society while allowing for international cooperation. As part of this strategy, CHASS seeks to promote program projects that fall under the following two main themes: (A) International and Interdisciplinary Studies on Culture and History, and (B) health Governance for Aging Societies. Under (A) and (B) are the following program projects:

(A) International and Interdisciplinary Studies on Culture and History

(B) Health Governance in Aging Societies

1. Humanities Innovation and Social Practice: Toward a Green and Revitalized Tainan Municipality: Constructing an Actors’ Network Based on University-Community Alliance for Co-learning, Co-working, and Co-creating Social Force for Change (funded for three years, 2015-2018, by the National Science Council of Taiwan )
2. Sustainable Urban and Rural Construction – The Construction Plan of Social Innovation USR Resource Center (funded for two years, 2017-2018, by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan )

Overall, in promoting all these projects, CHASS has engaged NCKU’s Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Management, and Planning and Design, and has established an international collaborative network with scholars and academic institutions from Canada, China, Hong kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and The U.S.

Finally, in accordance with NCKU’s Provisional Regulations on NCKU Governance Framework for Human Research Ethics, which was passed in 2012, CHASS has been responsible for providing administrative support for the Framework in question. In 2012, NCKU established the Southern Taiwan League of Research Ethics, which is currently comprised of 54 participating universities and colleges. The Framework provides services such as research ethics review, counseling, and ethics training for members of the League in accordance with Taiwan’s Act on Research Involving Human Subjects (promulgated in 2012) and the NSC Guideline for Ethics Review of Research Projects in Social and Behavioral Sciences.