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In order to heighten the standard of research in the humanities and social sciences, to promote interdisciplinary academic integration as well as innovative, outstanding humanities and social sciences research, and to increase the value and influence of these fields of study, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), in accordance with Article 8 of NCKU’s organizational regulations, has established the NCKU Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS).

CHASS’s responsibilities include:

(1) The integration of domestic and international resources and research capacities with those of NCKU’s relevant departments and centers.
(2) The strengthening of regionally focused research themes, and the development of research focused on the relationship between Taiwan and globalization.
(3) The establishment of highly active, thematic research groups, and the training of young scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

The director of CHASS is responsible for oversight of all CHASS affairs. Candidates for this position should be humanities or social sciences professors, or researchers of an equivalent grade, to be appointed by the president of NCKU.
Three sections have been established to facilitate the effective execution of CHASS’s duties. The duties of each section are as follows:
Administrative and Planning Section
Responsible for CHASS administrative duties, the establishment of the CHASS website, and the release of information regarding CHASS activities and research results.

Research and Education Section
Responsible for planning and developing thematic research teams, enabling efficient use of research and teaching capacities in relevant fields, promoting interdisciplinary academic development in the university and nationally, as well as training young scholars.

Social Practice Section
Responsible for integrating university research resources with other available domestic resources, as well as promoting university social responsibility and related to social practice research and teaching classes.

Each section will be led by a coordinator responsible for overseeing the implementation of all section affairs. Section coordinators are jointly appointed academics of the assistant professor grade or higher, or researchers or professionals of an equivalent grade or higher, to be appointed by the director of CHASS.